Unjust enrichment at auction?

Have you ever found that surprise in a dresser drawer? Or maybe the surprise was the dresser?

Mike Brandly, Auctioneer Blog

It seems every so often a story makes the news such as this:

    The buyer found over $40,000 in $100 bills taped under the third drawer of the mahogany chest he recently purchased at auction. Quite a find considering he only paid $175 for the chest.

In cases such as the aforementioned, what apparently occurs is an item such as a chest of drawers is offered at auction. The buyer takes the chest home, where he finds money, diamonds, or other items of value inside the chest. The issue then involves, does the buyer have title to the money, diamonds or whatever else was inside the chest of drawers, or just the chest of drawers itself?

Of course, the item being sold could be one of a wide variety of items, such as a car, virtually any type of furniture, clothing, boxes, cabinets, or even real property — where other…

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