Auctioneers and the seller’s identity

Mike Brandly, Auctioneer Blog

charltonrockFirst, let us say that at most all auctions in the United States, the seller’s identity is not advertised nor disclosed to the (potential) bidders.

Secondly, there are no laws which require auctioneers to disclose the seller’s identity to (potential) bidders.

Despite these facts, it is necessary or proper to disclose (in advertising or otherwise) the identities of the sellers?

Let’s review the duties owed clients (sellers) by auctioneers:

As well, let’s review duties owed customers (bidders/buyers) by auctioneers:

From these duties, it is clear that first, if disclosing the identity of the seller is in the seller’s best interest and the seller authorizes such disclosure, then such is prudent. If a bidder wants to know the identity of the seller (for a particular item, or generally,) then such should be disclosed if authorized by the seller.

Too, such advertising or disclosure is not to be misrepresentative independent…

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