Absolute Auctions

Mike Brandly, Auctioneer Blog

Armed with the most powerful marketing method that exists, Auctioneers all over the world know in order to maximize results for their clients, they must maximize interest in those items. More bidders means more money, just as fewer bidders means less money. The larger the number of bidders, the more competition there is, especially as the bidders sense that the other auction attendees are interested in the same item as they are. And, as we all know, emotions are involved when it comes to bidding at auction.

There is no other aspect of a public auction that attracts attention more than buyers feeling as if they might “get a deal” on something they want. The prospect of a deal is what drives bidders to auctions. Sometimes they feel as if they get a deal, sometimes they don’t, but getting them there is essential to competitive, top-dollar bidding. When sellers place…

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